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Step 6 If the person raising the concern is not satisfied with the finding of the Vice President of Human Resources, he/she may take the issue to the President for review.

In the event that the finding of the Vice President and/or President indicate that unlawful discrimination has not occurred, the matter will be closed.

It will strive to investigate concerns in a prompt and reasonable manner, within 60 days, taking into account scheduled breaks, vacation periods and other obligations.

All actions taken to investigate and resolve concerns raised through this process shall be conducted with as much confidentiality as possible without compromising the thoroughness of the investigation.

Depending upon the circumstances, sexual harassment can be found in any of the following types of situations: Each employee, supervisor, faculty member and administrator of Wentworth is responsible for ensuring that his or her conduct does not unlawfully discriminate against any other employee or non‑employee in the workplace.supervisors and subordinates, staff and student workers).Such situations may contain elements of coercion, such as when compliance with requests for sexual favors becomes a criterion for granting privileges or favorable treatment on the job.The written statement is most effective when it includes the following information: a description of the incident(s), the name of the person(s) engaging in the conduct, times, locations, specific words/actions, and the name of any witnesses to the incident(s).The investigator will review all information provided and may make requests for additional information.

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