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In 2019 the number of members of Westboro Baptist Church has dwindled.

Louis’ previous documentary looked at the church ‘in crisis’ as many people were leaving however it seems as though more and more members are changing their minds on Westboro’s beliefs.

If I was in an abusive IFB Church, I have the IFB consider a cult. I guess it all just comes down to experience and opinion.

He chose the red pill and was awakened to the falseness of the illusion of reality which he had lived.

Surviving America’s Most Hated Family revealed that before Gramps’ death in 2014 he went over to the Rainbow house to tell the people that lived there that “they were good people”.

This was said to be evidence that he had ‘fallen out of faith’.

The British documentary maker, journalist and broadcaster first took a trip to the US to visit America’s Most Hated Family in 2007.

Since then he’s visited twice more to take a look at the church’s developments.

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There’s no one more synonymous with hard-hitting investigative documentaries than Louis Theroux.

I submit to you, like hundreds of others here, that you call something is very wrong with the IFB movement, such as it is.

Not "does this trouble me so that I, the label of cult, in an effort to gain some power and revenge", but "this is an extremist position, and as such cult like practices has, therefore, a cult may be considered".

In terms of the Church’s views, it’s is anti-gay, pickets at peoples’ funerals and protests against Jewish institutions. Louis Theroux visited America’s Most Hated Family again… It’s a non-profit organisation which many call the ‘Rainbow House’.

The Equality House address is 1200 SW Orleans St, Topeka, KS 66604, USA.

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