Western women dating thai men

There’s a young farang guy in my company who’s got the classic GQ look.I mean this guy would be a serious ladies man back in the states. Yet, his girlfriend is just oh-so-typical Isaan-type. It’s not really the intention of Thais to deceive farangs here or keep him from the truth.

To put it bluntly, there is a huge difference between a “typical Thai woman” and “Thai women who date Western men.”This is going to be harsh, but it explains why so many farangs seem to get the short end of the stick with so many Thai women.I mean, why be looked at as some low-class gold-digger when you’ve already got your own money?So what I’m saying is that farangs have got the typical Thai women (most of the time from Isaan) pegged all wrong, yet they’re probably right about the Thai women that they’ve been with.RELATED: My advice to Western men who are still searching for love: if a Thai woman comes after you, watch out.As I said before, Thai women are conservative by nature.

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