What i hate about dating

One big feature of Hater that puts it above other dating apps is that the app attempts to do the hard work of coming up with the first line for you. Use Hater’s creative ice-breaker: play a “hater card” with sentences and questions that you and your match will need to fill in with your own funny responses.

So instead of sending plain “hey” or awkward “what’s up” out into the void you can show off your sense of humor and secure your match’s attention.

One of the problems that swiping-type apps have is their lack of personality.

Thus, instead of making blind dates less awkward, they achieve quite the opposite.

You can also upload up to five pictures of yourself to make your profile a little more personal.

But really what adds more personality is when you start swiping Your “top hate” will display as a part of your profile and it’s what other users will see when you come up on the app.

If you used Tinder and other swiping apps before, you’ll get certain familiarity with Hater.

In comparison to big sharks in the pool of online dating like Tinder or Bumble, Hater dating app is rather new.

Hater can help you ignite conversation, even if it’s something silly like discussing whether and why you both hate alarm clocks.

The app experience itself is something you can use to sustain a light and fun conversation with your date.

In some cases, hate is a stronger emotion than love.

So why not try and build a connection with someone you see eye to eye with when it comes to hating things?

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