When do nikki and jonesy start dating did michael cera dating charlyne

is a Canadian animated sitcom about six teenage friends who all have part-time jobs at the Galleria Shopping Mall, as they struggle to balance work with the daily problems of being a teenager.

The series lasted from November, 2004 to February, 2010, with four seasons and a total of 93 episodes.

There's a recap page that could use some work for the episodes, and a Best Episode Crowner.

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They first got together when Jonesy dared her to see a movie with him so he could show her proof of a line that was said, which Nikki disputed, in that movie.

Nikki and Jonesy later split up after a disastrous three-month anniversary celebration and Nikki moves on to dating another guy while Jonesy returns to his old womanizing ways, but they eventually come to realize how much they really mean to each other and they get back together.

Despite Jonesy's annoying habits (and his tendency to frequently get fired from his jobs) and Nikki's sarcasm and outspokenness, their love for each other enables the couple to weather all that life throws their way and be stronger for it.

She helps Wyatt, who is afraid of heights, get down from the top of a tall ladder outside of Spin This by making him forget his fear ("The Swami"), doing so by criticizing his choice of favorite rock bands and getting him to argue with her about it as he neglects to notice he's climbing down the ladder.

She temporarily assumes management of the Khaki Barn after assistant manager and head Clone Chrissy goes out ("The Sushi Connection"), and she gets revenge on Caitlin's behalf against Kyle Donaldson (a notorious womanizer who took Cait out on a disastrous date) by convincing Kyle to buy two pairs of too-small cargo pants.

She gets set up on a date with geeky Star Wars fan and Stereo Shack employee Darth by Jonesy at Darth's request ("Breaking Up with the Boss' Son"), but Nikki does not return her nerdy suitor's affection.

She devises a plan to take the day off work to join her friends at the mall's indoor amusement park ("The Big Sickie"), and she befriends Caitlin, after her initial attitude of low-key hostility toward the peppy rich girl, and accepts her into the gang after Caitlin helps to convince a reluctant Jen to take the day off as well.

Nikki competes with Jude over who will get one of two backstage passes Wyatt has obtained for a concert by rock band The Mighty Weasels ("A Lime to Party"), but Wyatt decides not to give either one the second pass after their competition gets out of hand.

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