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She then went on to release four mixtapes: Boss B*tch’s World, Art of Motivation, Untouchables (with Boosie), and her most current one Boss B*tch’s World II: Batteries Not Included.

Batteries Not Included was acclaimed by even Monroe’s antagonists.

In 2007 during the focal point of her modeling height Ms Monroe decided to start turning down the requests and high pay that was being offered to her.

All so she can transition into the career she always wanted to pursue “Music”.

She appeared on BET’s fashion show Rip The Runway and won their Video Vixen of the Year award.

Born in Ethiopia, brought up in Washington DC, Garfield Terrace Projects, Lo La came from humble beginnings.

"I don't think there is anyone in the world that has a heart like my mother, God took extra time when creating her, she's special and her love inspires me" says Lo La.

Creator of the momentous Bosset movement Lo La instills empowerment and inspiration into her rapidly growing fan base through her movement. Its about standing for something as a women, being in control of you and everything you allow to come into your life.

Expect to see more videos, calendars, magazines spreads, and appearances from this slanted eye bodyful beauty come the end of this year and ’08.Fershgenet Melaku aka Angel Melaku aka Angel Lola Luv or Lola Luv (born on October 25, 1986) is a hip hop model of Ethiopian descent who has been frequently featured in urban magazines.Melaku quickly became popular for her often questioned and highly rumored to be fake, physical assets.After these vast achievements Lo La continued to push for further success, while expanding her résumé.Venturing into acting she appeared in the Wendy Williams’ biopic “Queen of Media”, 50 Cent’s “Before I Self Destruct”, “Crazy Like A Fox”, and “Video Girl” a long side Megan Good.

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