Who is damien rice dating

' Cannonball' was re-mixed in 2004, for UK radio, to make it more radio-friendly.

Rice later was reported to be very unhappy with it, saying to Tom Dunne on Pet Sounds (Today FM) that he did not "…really like it".

Lisa is embarking on her own artistic endeavours and there are no plans for them to work together in the foreseeable future.

The current band on tour at the moment are - Damien Rice, Joel Shearer, Shane Fitzsimons, Tom Osander, and Vyvienne Long.

So, it was something of an event last Wednesday when it was announced, with little fanfare, that he would play a one-off show in Whelan's, Dublin, tonight.

The Wexford Street venue is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a year of concerts and Rice was said to be keen to give thanks to a place where he cut his song-writer teeth in the late 1990s.

An example of this is 9 Crimes used in the soundtrack of the summer blockbuster Shrek Three and The Blower's Daughter was featured in the movie Closer. This can sometimes be more demanding for the listener than the radio hit edit of the song Cannonball suggests.In July 2002 was released in the USA and Europe, with Rice appearing on The Letterman Show and receiving more acclaim from publications such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek and The Boston Globe.Arnold joined him on stage in New York to perform a version of the Björk/Arnold track Play Dead. Damien Rice is an intense live act - with emphasis laid on emotional intensity and experiments, rather than technical perfection.Arnold liked what he heard and provided enough money for Damien to buy his own mobile studio.Damien Rice formerly sang with Lisa Hannigan and released his debut solo album, O, in Ireland in early 2002.

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