Who is dating val kilmer

) as the titular farmer who battles an evil queen when he finds a special baby who is prophesied to bring about her destruction.

The 1988 movie, nominated for two Oscars, also stars Val Kilmer as swordsman Madmartigan, who teams up with Willow to protect the child.

It has been confirmed that Val will be reuniting with Tom Cruise for the sequel to the 1986 classic, with Cruise reprising his role as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer to see them feel the need, the need for speed, once more.

How can you have a problem with a bunch of guys if there aren’t any?

While this is all speculation and Cher may be a single lady, she also has reason to keep a relationship under wraps, for once the paparazzi catch her, it’s all over.

Val Kilmer secretly battled throat cancer for two years, with the actor being seen in April wearing a neck brace.

But the 58-year-old looked healthy and happy as he attended lunch with his daughter.

"I would absolutely love to do that." As for the new cast, all eyes will be on who is signed up to play Elora Danan, a child born with a huge prophecy over her head.

When asked about her current relationship status, Cher stated: “I’m still on the lookout.

The problem I have with all the boyfriends lately is that I don’t want to go any place with them because you can’t keep a relationship going in this kind of goldfish bowl, where everything you do and every picture you have taken will be on Instagram. special.” While Cher likely shares the same feelings that other Hollywood figures share, it appears that there may be a man (or men) that’s she’s entertaining, as she has a problem with “all the boyfriends lately.” So Cher, just how many men are you keeping in your view?

Cher once told David Letterman that she “almost” dated Elvis Presley, but goes on to explain that she chickened out. While Cher’s past dating history is fascinating, many are curious as to whether there’s currently a man in her life.

The short answer may be “no,” but the long answer tells more.

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