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Boreanaz slept on a couch which he shared at his sister's place, visiting film sets and doing production assistant work in order to learn more about the industry he hoped to be more involved with.

He was a background extra in the 1993 movie Aspen Extreme as a fan waving at skiers.

Boreanaz was involved with the creation of the NHL colors line and supports them publicly, while Aaron, who works in advertising, has helped out with PR work and marketing.

the ones in the family who have had a name change was Jaime who switched her last name to Boreanaz last february as a valentines gift to David and their children. And despite what a few people say, David did not have children with his first wife, Ingrid Quinn. David and Ingrid separated months before David and Sarah started dating and their divorce was finalized in early '99. His mother Patti Boreanaz is of half Slovak and part Irish, German, French, and Swiss descent.

As a kid, he was a ball boy for the Pittsburgh Steelers and had an opportunity to train with Jack Lambert.

Fortunately for his fans, he decided to become an actor rather than a professional athlete.

In 2010, Boreanaz admitted to having an extramarital affair with Rachel Uchitel, the same woman Tiger Woods was alleged to have cheated with on his wife.

Boreanaz was born on May 16, 1969, in Buffalo, New York, where his father, Dave Roberts (born David Thomas Boreanaz), was working as a weather forecaster and children's show (Rocketship 7) host as Dave Thomas, for ABC affiliate WKBW-TV. Boreanaz moved to Los Angeles with a degree in filmmaking, but found it hard to gain work initially like other struggling actors.

Interestingly, the Slovenian counterpart is Berginc, so Boreanaz is an Italian name indicative of Slovenian ancestry which seems well fitting.

David was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended high school at Malvem Preparatory School in Malvern, Pennsylvania. According to a December, 2006, New York Times article, Boreanaz grew angry about playground bullying when he was young, and went on to become offensive end and defensive back for his Catholic high school football team.

and their daughters name was changed to Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz from Bardot Vita Boreanaz hope this helps you Yes. So to put it in lame mans terms yes David Boreanaz is half Italian, 1/4 Solvak and 1/4 being divided between Irish, German, French and Swiss.

David Boreanaz's Dad Dave Thomas is of Italian decent, the name Boreanaz comes from the northern part of Italy.

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