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She has no evident special vampire ability.(played by Robert Pattinson in the movies)Edward Anthony Masen was born June 20, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois.When he was dying of Spanish influenza at the age of 17, his also dying mother begged Carlisle Cullen to save his life. Edward followed Carlisle's ways and became a vegetarian vampire.Because we loved them, even when their love got a little creepy at times (what with Edward watching Bella sleep and whatnot). The name Cullen originates with family patriarch Carlisle Cullen, who created a family of "vegetarian" vampires who don't kill people.Like other half-breeds, she is expected to live a very long life but is still mortal.I write about movies for Zimbio.com, which means I spend way too much time thinking about the geekiest possible ways to approach the cineplex.

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13 — so hopefully the Volturi don't gate-crash whatever party the Cullens are throwing for them. According to this Twilight timeline, Edward and Bella were married on Aug. And even though eight years is probably nothing to them, considering they're immortal and essentially have endless anniversary's ahead, there's still cause for super-fans to celebrate. Cullen are probably spending their anniversary ripping the heads off of some Volturi members or completely demolishing the Cullen family's vacation house.He initially had trouble sticking to animal blood, but soon learned to restrain himself.(played by Ashley Greene in the movies)Mary Alice Brandon was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi.Even as a human she had premonitions, an ability that would manifest itself in much stronger was after she was turned into a vampire.The Cullen crest seen in the movies consists of a hand (signifying a pledge of faith) over a lion (courage) set above a chevron (another word for banner, it signifies protection) with three shamrocks (perpetuity).(played by Peter Facinelli in the movies)Carlisle was born in the 1640s to a father who was a religous zealot charged with hunting down evil creatures like werewolves and vampires who usually turned out to be humans.Upon taking up his father's cause, Carlisle was attacked by a vampire and left to die.

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