Who is tom hardy dating

TH: I hate to be pat, but that's such a can of worms.... You got engaged in 2010 but haven't set a date yet.

I remember getting caught up in the sentimentality of it. TH: If you did that, I would so never speak to you again.

Charlotte's from [the English town of] Middlesbrough.

Does she treat you differently when you bulk up for a movie?

Hardy’s past relationship history has always been a bit murky, but fans have noticed a trend – an overlap in his relationships.

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are husband and wife, according to new reports.

I'm hugely narcissistic, but I dress like a homeless person. And for political reasons, I have to say Anne Hathaway.

ELLE: One of my first crushes was Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. TH: You can't tempt me to answer a question about Catwoman with my missus in the car.

"I had no idea how to handle the industry, [how] to interact with producers, executive producers, studios," Tom told the .

as a Prohibition-era bootlegger trying to slip Jessica Chastain out of her corset and lace.

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