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Only the clown makeup feels like war paint, reminding you of all the wars you’ve fought, lost and won in all of your dead-end relationships.

Labeling your relationship as casual is like putting a Band-Aid on a severed knee.

Use this information to understand what gives you pleasure.

A study published in the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia, titled Orgasmic Dysfunction, states that thirty-free to 50 percent of women experience infrequent orgasms or are dissatisfied with their partners after sex.

This is usually the case, leading to you coming into consistent contact with each other.The couple, who met at church in early 2015, have encountered a number of quirky cultural differences.For example, Michael learnt Filipinos generally eat a lot of rice — and like to have rice with everything."Initially when I started visiting the in-laws' place, there were times when we'd have beef stroganoff and I was looking for the rice," Pauline recalls.The women who just aren’t worth investing your time in No idea what types of women will only end up frustrating you?Here are the top 7 types, along with ways to avoid them. There is nothing worse than falling for a girl who is just not interested in you.

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